How To Win My Wife Back If She Wants A Divorce?

Published: 04th January 2010
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So you wife wants a divorce and you want to do everything to win your wife back, save your marriage and get your life back on track? Since you are going through very tough situation emotionally you can do some crazy thing which can ruin your chances to change her decision. I want to give you some tips that helped hundreds of men, let's start!

Show your wife how much you love her - after years of marriage every relationship gets a little bit cold. You can't see the love, the attraction and the romance anymore. It's not always the man's fault but right now you are the one who has to bring these feeling back into your marriage! Next time you'll see your wife give her a huge kiss and tell her you have a little surprise for her (you can think about it later or prepare it before). It'll get her excited and curious and that's a good start!

Spend more time with her - I actually mean only with her. I have 2 kids myself and I know how difficult it can be to find a moment only for you. Send the kids to your mom and have some quality time with your loved wife! It'll remind her the better days you had together as a couple, you'll also have a long chat where everyone will tell about what he really feels and you'll be in the mood to discuss a possible way to fix your marriage!

Prove her wrong - in her mind she thinks she made the right decision when he decided to divorce. To win your wife back you have to prove her wrong and make her change her mind. Maybe she thinks you have no future or you are workaholic. The point is that you have to make her want to stay with you not only because of emotional reasons but also make her see the future only with you!

Did your wife file for divorce and you have no idea how to win her back? Want to find out how to make her want you back? Discover now how to win your wife back and save your relationship forever!

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