My Wife Filed For Divorce - What To Do To Win Her Back?

Published: 04th January 2010
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One day I was browsing a relationship forums and I saw a guy who asked there "My wife filed for divorce - what can I do to win her back?". I decided to help him and one month later he sent me a private massage thanking me for saving his marriage! Here is exactly what I wrote to him...

Give your wife a reason to stop the divorce and stay with you - talking to her it's not enough, you have to make her change her mind! You have to do something big, huge change for both of you like deciding on a new career, start spending more time with the family and less time at work or any other thing that will make her to see her future with you!

Bring back the emotions and the love you had in the start - make her feel the same way she felt for you years ago! Show her you are still that romantic guy who she fell in love with! I don't have to explain you what exactly to do - you are the one who made her fall in love with you and marry you. The point is - love will help you to win your wife back and save your marriage!

Stop arguing and fighting with her - in the second paragraph I said you have to give her a reason to stay, the arguing and fighting are the reason she wants to leave! Nobody can survive in a relationship full of fights and anger! So from today if she asks you to put your socks in place or do the dishes, even if you are watching very important game on TV and it's pay per view - get up and do it.

Did your wife file for divorce and you have no idea how to win her back? Want to find out how to make her want you back? Discover now how to win your wife back and save your relationship forever!

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