Win Your Girlfriend Back After A Fight And Get Her To Come Back To You!

Published: 05th January 2010
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So there was a big fight between you and it ended with her deciding to leave you for good? Well, don't believe her - she still loves you and wants you back but you've probably hurt her somehow during the fight and now she is really playing a hard to get! Right now her ego is hurt and controlling her behavior but when she'll relax it's going to be your chance! If you really want to win your girlfriend back - follow my advices!

In your situation time is the most important thing and the best cure. I don't know why or what the fight was about, but it's so rare that a fight will lead to a break up! I really think that for a few days you should disconnect from her - don't contact her at all in any way! It'll give you some time to think and prepare an apology (if there is a need) and also find a good way to avoid big fight in a future! You have also to remember that she is still in love with you - she wants to be with you, hug you and kiss you! In these few days without a contact she will be going crazy, thinking why you are not calling and apologize. That's exactly what you need to prepare her for making up! It'll be so much easier to make her forgive you when she missed you so much!

Not contacting her is great, but it's also not easy at all! I know men who broke after one day and called. Don't do the same mistake - it's critical! I hope you I helped you and good luck!

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